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File transfer Validex

Welcome to the test environment for ISO20022 based files. This information is for software developers for testing Pain.001 and generating simulated Pain.002 based on fictional violations in tested file along with a report containing results of test.

Step by step testing payment file, Pain.001

  1. Go to
  2. Press button ‘Create account’
  3. Fill in your information
  4. Press button ‘Register’

Your account has now been created, you can now logon and use the Validex validation service.

Test accounts

The company is responsible for only using fictitious test data, i.e. no real account number, social security number, personal or other data that can be linked to an individual or to the Company.

Below you can find Swedbank’s test accounts as they are presented for our customers:
Test accounts
8901-1,914 616 842-3
8901-1,914 616 843-1
8901-1,914 616 843-1
8901-1,914 616 845-6
8901-1,914 616 846-4
When you put these accounts into the Pain.001 they should be expressed as this, according to the Swedbank Sweden’s MIG:
Accounts should be expressed as this